TMJ Program

A complete holistic approach to helping you overcome stubborn TMJ pain & dysfunction

Our TMJ program is a unique, holistic approach to treating jaw pain and dysfunction. Using acupuncture and physiotherapy and working with your dentist, we bring our combined 45 years of treating jaw issues to help you overcome jaw, neck and head pain. 

TMJ dysfunction and pain is very often multi-factorial and can include muscle imbalances, issues with the joint itself, the body's stress response, posture and diet. In the TMJ program, we identify the causative factors of your jaw, neck and head pain and create a comprehensive treatment plan to both address these root causes and also give you the tools to manage pain if and when it occurs. Interventions can include - 

  • Physiotherapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Diet modifications

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Pain management strategies

  • Stress management techniques

This program is done in collaboration with Line Troster, Registered Physiotherapist

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