Effective treatment for chronic conditions

Are you looking for a safe, effective, natural, wholistic treatment for a chronic condition? If you are not satisfied with your level of health and wellbeing, then Savidge Health may have answers for you.  Using the time-tested approach of Chinese medicine, I help people overcome illness and live with improved health and vitality. 

How it works

Using Chinese medicine diagnostics, I correct what's out of balance in your body, eliminating symptoms while allowing your body to function better and heal itself. For example,  if you have signs of poor digestion and absorption, we improve it through diet, herbs and acupuncture. If you have low energy, we look for the underlying causes and eliminate them. If your lungs are producing too much mucous and phlegm, then we clear them out to allow improved breathing. 
What can be treated with Chinese medicine? 
Image by Helena Lopes
The short answer is many things, as the diagnostic and treatment tools of Chinese medicine can be applied to most states of disease or illness. Think of the disease process as a tree, where the specific symptoms you're dealing with are the fruits. While Western medicine tends to treat the fruit by providing symptomatic relief, I always treat the root causes as well as symptoms and aim for disease resolution. 
Here is a partial list of conditions I commonly treat, in no particular order -  
  • Autoimmune issues such as Addison's disease or Lupus. 
  • Digestive issues
  • Menstrual issues and fertility
  • Skin issues
  • Breathing and lung conditions
  • Bladder issues such as incontinence or interstitial cystitis. 
  • Heart issues